Adrienne Chouinard

Hi everyone, I finally was able to get a hard copy of my songs!!! It was hard to do, so the quality is not perfect but it’s great to be able to post them on YOUTUBE. You can now also listen to them off of the website. If you are on your phone then just keep scrolling down passed the ads. If you are on your computer then they should be loading to your right ————————>

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Included is a new 2017 experimental live remix of “Made For You!”

They also show up on google search now.


Well it has been a while. Isn’t it funny how life gets going on you? I’m finally playing music again, so I decided to bring back my web site Sweet Bree Music. Check out my first E.P. album I made, it’s on my Broadjam account. Don’t ever stop playing music, it’s one of the best things in life.

tiger butterfly 2017

Pop – General | Sweet Bree Music 2005©, British Columbia, Canada‘A new artist from the west coast of Canada, Adrienne Chouinard is a 23 year old singer-songwriter with a soulful sentimental voice that express emotional moving and revealing themes with inspired well crafted songs. Having taken time off to enjoy the birth of her first child, Adrienne is now continuing her artistic pursuits and is currently putting finshing touches on her debut Ep that she wrote preformed and produced in her home studio. Combing engaging vocals, achingly honest lyrics and a sincere pop sensibility Adrienne forms a timeless music that is beautiful,unique and memorable. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy.’